• The book that turns success right-side up.

    Published by Forbes Books in June, 2023.

  • When you reach the edge ... ...................... ......... ... ... pause


  • A life transformed.

    Six years ago Gary C Cooper was a bankrupt alcoholic, his family relationships in ruins,

    with business partners wanting him out and a doctor telling him:

    "Gary, you've probably got less than a month to live."


    He let go.


    So began his miraculous recovery, surrendered and humble, firing himself,

    and vowing to do the opposite of what he'd been doing.


    Today, Gary is sober, healthy and happy, his family are reunited,

    and his company is valued at $400 million.


    He discovered and applied three simple but profound principles.

    They saved his life and his business. They could save yours.

    Be Authentic

    Who you are is more important

    than what you do.

    Do Good

    All of us are designed to help others.

    It's natural and it's fulfilling.

    Do Well

    When we're authentic and help others

    it's inevitable that we will be profitable.


    Take the road less travelled.



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